Unbounce and Wufoo Form Integration

In order to continually build the mailing list for your email campaigns, you’ll want to have a place on the web for people to sign up. FlutterMail has the capability to build forms for your webpage under the “Integration” tab. These forms will get the job done, but there are other sites available that can make more attractive and eye-catching forms that will really “wow” new subscribers. One of these sites is Unbounce.


This service allows users to create custom subscription forms through easy-to-setup lead generation landing pages. There are several templates available, ranging from a simple design to custom-built forms.

Addresses submitted through these forms on Unbounce can be directly imported into your FlutterMail account. Simply click the "External Services" header under the "Tools" icon (the cogged wheel), and click "Edit" next to Unbounce.

After selecting "Edit," choose what list you would like the Unbounce addresses to be subscribed to. Then copy the URL from the "WebHook URL" box.

After copying the WebHook URL, paste it into your form data in Unbounce.

Then after clicking "Confirm WebHook" and re-publishing your landing page, you're done! It's just that easy.


Wufoo is another great option because of its simple and customizable forms. And, just like Unbounce, the addresses collected can be directly linked your FlutterMail account. To directly import all addresses, visit "External Services" under the "Tools" tab, just like you would in the beginning steps of Unbounce. Click "Edit" next to Wufoo, and copy the WebHook URL and Handshake Key. Then, paste them into the appropriate fields in Wufoo.

As before, save the new information in Wufoo and republish your form. You've just created a beautiful lead generation form that will get your new subscribers added to FlutterMail lists in a snap!

Both of these options also allow lists to be exported from the external site (Unbounce or Wufoo) as a .csv file, and then imported back into FlutterMail the same way you would complete a typical import. However, by linking these external services to your FlutterMail account, you can save those extra few steps and focus more on other aspects of your next email campaign.

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