How Fast does FlutterMail Send Email?

We have a high-end mail delivery infrastructure which allows us to quickly deliver your emails. We're sometimes asked how long it takes to send "X" number of emails per hour, minute, or other interval of time, and the simple answer is that it varies by account. Theoretically, we can send to one million subscribers in under one hour.

However, there are two factors that will affect that rate:

  • List quality  -  If your list has a lower amount of email interaction, higher bounce rate or higher amount of abuse complaints, the delivery time of your email campaign will be slower.
  • Recipient's ISP - Some ISPs require that we slow down and throttle when sending to your list. So, if a large number of your subscribers use such an ISP, it could bring down the delivery speed.
Email delivery speed should not be a concern when using our service. If you feel your emails are not being sent correctly, please contact our support representatives to troubleshoot and find a solution,
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