Creating Recurring Campaigns

You can create campaigns that send when a source is updated, like an RSS feed or webpage content. These campaigns will send at the interval of your choosing, or simply when it finds new content at the source.

Begin by choosing a “Broadcast Campaign” or “RSS Campaign” after creating a new campaign.

Broadcast Campaign

If you choose Broadcast Campaign, you’ll need to click "Fetch From URL" on the Message step to specify which URL you want to retrieve content from:

If you want to see the content before sending it, select "Fetch now and put it into the editor so I can edit before sending." If you're scheduling this broadcast campaign for a later date, select "Fetch at time of sending" so the most recent content will be sent with the email.

On the Summary step, you can then click “Enable” to set an interval for how often the campaign will recur. If you selected "Fetch at time of sending," be aware that the subject of the email will be determined by the page title pulled when the email is being sent.

Choose an interval from the drop down menu:

RSS Campaign

For RSS campaigns, select "RSS Campaign" as the type and insert the RSS feed you would like to use on the "message" step when creating your campaign.

Then insert the RSS tags into the body of the message:

On the Summary step, you’ll see a spot to specify how often the software checks for new posts:

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