How to Improve Email Deliverability

With any email you send, you run the risk of having a message end up in the spam folder. Every email service provider has different spam filtering techniques, so undoubtedly you will have at least one message in your email marketing endeavors that doesn't end up where it's supposed to go.

By following a few basic rules, you can minimize your chances of being sent to the dreaded spam folder when sending your email marketing campaigns.
  1. Keep an eye on the spam filter testing before sending - On the summary stage of your campaign (the final step), you can see a rating of the likelihood your email will get caught in a spam filter. It alerts you of any major issues with your email that could affect delivery.
  2. Use text, not a single image or graphic - While image-heavy emails can be attractive, they're also the most likely to be caught in spam filters. Be sure to have an equal amount of text and images in your emails.
  3. Use your domain email address - Using return addresses from or are a good way to never have your email delivered. Use your own domain's email address whenever possible.
  4. Do testing - FlutterMail has the ability to send split testing campaigns. Use these to find the most effective subject lines, layout, and other general details of your messages.
  5. Avoid sounding spammy - This might sound obvious, but content is extremely important. Avoid using all caps, words like "FREE!", and other words or phrases that you personally would not want to read when checking your own email inbox.
  6. Pay attention to links - Linking to a website that is low quality might affect your deliverability. Also make sure to always use full links, and not shortened links as they can sometimes cause problems with passing spam filters.
  7. Clean up your code - Make sure your HTML is neat and tidy. Improper tags, broken tags, and messy code can effect deliverability.
  8. Remove inactive subscribers - If you've had a list for six months, and there is a handful of subscribers who have never even opened your campaigns, delete them. Subscriber engagement plays a big role in your email being delivered, and if your list has a large percentage of highly engaged subscribers, you have a higher likelihood of your email passing all spam filters.
  9. Be consistent with your return address - Pick a "from" address and stick with it. Keeping it consistent helps to build your reputation.
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