Creating an Opt-in Form for AffiloJetpack Members

AffiloJetpack members can create a Fluttermail Form that integrates with the "Squeeze & Signup Forms" feature of your AffiloTheme WordPress site.
To complete the integration you need to find the appropriate List ID and Form ID using the following simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Fluttermail account.

Step 2: Click on the Lists tab. Locate the list you wish to use, and view the List ID shown below the list name.

List ID

Step 3: Click on the Forms button of the respective list. You will be taken to the Integration tab. You will find the Form ID below the form name.

NOTE: AffiloTheme does not support captcha at this time. So, DO NOT add captcha in your subscription form.

Form ID

Now you have both the List ID and Form ID. The following steps show how to integrate your Fluttermail Form with your AffiloTheme WordPress site:

Step 4: Log in to your WordPress site as Administrator.

Step 5: Go to AffiloTheme -> Squeeze & Signup Forms.

Step 6: Select Fluttermail from the  List Provider drop-down menu under Newsletter Settings.

Step 7: Enter your  Form ID and List ID.

Step 8: Click the Update button.
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