Integrate with Leadpages

This guide shows how to integrate a Leadpages account with your Fluttermail account.

1. Log in to your Fluttermail account. If you haven't already done so, go to the "Integration" tab and create a new form for your desired list with the required fields that you want to request.

2. Once you have created the form, hover over the respective form and click "Integrate with your site".


3. Copy the HTML code under Embeddable HTML.

Embeddable HTML Code

4. Log in to your LeadPages account.

5. Go to My Account -> Integration and click the Other Copy / Paste link below the Email Marketing Services.

Fluttermail & LeadPages Integration

6. Click the Activate Other copy / paste button. 

Fluttermail & LeadPages Integration

7. Create a new Leadpage or Leadbox.

Fluttermail & LeadPages Integration

8. When you are asked to define the Integration settings, choose Other from the drop-down menu. Paste the HTML Code that you have copied at Step-3 into the HTML code box.

PLEASE NOTE: The Other Copy/Paste integration is currently available for use with the 'Standard Builder and Leadboxes'. The Early Release version of the 'Drag & Drop Builder' does not support the Other Copy/Paste option—instead, you can paste your form code into an HTML Widget.

Fluttermail & LeadPages Integration

9. Make sure that your Opt-in form's fields are linked to your Leadpage and click the Okay button.

Fluttermail & LeadPages Integration

10. You may customize the form within Leadpages.

11. Create a Thank you page within your LeadPages.

12. Go back to your Fluttermail account and follow the instructions here for how to edit your Thank you Page (Subscription Confirmation Page). Paste the URL of your LeadPages Thank you page into the "Subscription completed confirmation" field.

13. If you are using a double opt-in form within Fluttermail, you should additionally create a new page in LeadPages, which will be the page that your new subscribers see immediately after they signup (telling them to check their email to confirm their subscription). Then, paste that the URL of that LeadPages page into the Fluttermail "Opt-in has been sent confirmation" field.

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