How to Add Social Sharing to Your Campaign

One of the most important elements to a successful email marketing campaign is the integration of social networking. FlutterMail understands the potential for your campaign to be shared and viewed by thousands of people, and therefore has made it easy to incorporate social sharing into your next email.

Where to Find Social Sharing Tags

You can add Social Sharing buttons on your email campaigns by using Personalization Tags. Personalization tags allow you to customize your email message to have a more targeted approach. You can find them by selecting the “Personalize Message” link on the upper right corner in the message editor when creating a new campaign.


Select the “Social Media” tab in the window that pops up. Then select which social media platform you would like to share your message on. You can also choose to share on all social media platforms by selecting the “Social Submit Links” option.

Where to Place Social Sharing Tags

You can place Social Sharing buttons anywhere on your email message, but the most common place is either the top or bottom of your email. If you would like to use all Social Share buttons, use the %SOCIALSHARE% Personalization Tag. Or use individual Social Share buttons with their respective tag (i.e. %SOCIALSHARE-FACEBOOK%, %SOCIALSHARE-TWITTER%, etc.).

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