How Do I Prove My List is Opt-in?

With FlutterMail, you are able to import any list of subscribers that you already have. We allow this because we trust that you've already read our policy on acceptable usage of our software.

We will monitor various aspects of your list to ensure it doesn't effect our high delivery rates, including bounces and abuse complaints. If we find your list is too high in abuse complaints or bounce rates, we may be forced to disable your account from future mailings. We will notify you if this happens and fully explain the situation.

If you feel your list is legitimate and your account should not be suspended after instances of high abuse or bounce rates, we will discuss with you where your list came from to determine whether or not it is truly an opt-in list. To learn more about what email addresses can and can't be used, read the What is an opt-in list? article. Depending on what we find, we may ask you to clean up your list, or re-confirm subscribers interest by sending confirmation emails. We might also ask to see the form where subscribers can sign up to your list, or how your subscribers were obtained.

Our highest priority is to maintain a high inbox delivery rate for all of our users, so while it is unlikely that you will be asked to prove if your list is opt-in, we do ask that you be familiar with email marketing best practices when obtaining subscribers.
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