What Type of Campaign Should I Create?

When you create a new campaign the first decision you have to make is which type of campaign is most appropriate for your needs. Fluttermail allows you to choose from 6 different campaign types and each type has different features. Here's a brief breakdown of what each type can be used for.

Broadcast Campaign

Creating a broadcast campaign is ideal for when you want to send out a one-off email to your subscribers. As each new broadcast campaign is started from scratch, this option is also great for customizing the content of your message; you can choose to include images, texts, links, special formatting and more. Broadcast campaigns are not automated, meaning that you have to provide new settings every time you create a new one, which is why they are more suited for one-time emails. This type is especially well-suited for press releases and is one of the most frequently used type of campaign among Fluttermail users. 

Auto-Responder Campaign

Setting up an auto-responder campaign allows you to create an automatic welcome message to send to new subscribers in the future. Using each subscriber's 'subscribe date and time', Fluttermail will send auto-responder campaigns each time a new subscriber joins your mailing list. You can determine how long to wait until Fluttermail sends your campaign from the point of the new subscription, whether you want them to receive a welcome message immediately, in an hour or in a week.

RSS Campaign

Anybody who already has their own RSS feed for their website will find this option incredibly simple. You just need to set how frequently Fluttermail should scan your RSS site for new posts, such as once a week. Here, Fluttermail identifies new posts that have been added to your RSS site since it was last checked and it then adds these posts to your message. After you first create an RSS campaign, Fluttermail generates all future messages automatically. This is ideal for bloggers, who may wish to keep their readers updated about new posts but who don't have the time to create new campaigns on a weekly basis.

Subscriber Date Based Campaign

This type of campaign allows Fluttermail to send automated messages to subscribers by using a custom date field set by you. Ideal for sending birthday greetings, anniversary messages and contract reminders, you simply choose a new custom date field and Fluttermail will automatically send your message to individual subscribers when appropriate. The key thing to remember when creating a subscriber date based campaign is that you first need to create a custom field in the data about your subscribers. For example, once you've added a 'birthday' field to your data, you can create this type of campaign to send subscribers a birthday message.

Split Testing Campaign

If you're still trying to decide how to present your messages to subscribers, this is a great option that allows you to trial two separate versions of your message. You select a sample of your mailing list to send each version and then you use Fluttermail statistics to decide on which message was the most successful, usually based on their open and click rates. You would then send out the most successful version to the rest of your mailing list. This is great for people who are still refining their marketing strategies.

Text-Only Campaign

A text-only campaign creates a message with absolutely no HTML; just text. Most Fluttermail users would opt for a broadcast campaign instead of this option because broadcast campaigns include a text-only version of your message in case subscribers are using software that can't cope with HTML. This type of campaign is not automated and is used for one-off messages.
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