How to Edit your Thank you Page (Subscription Confirmation Page)

This guide shows how to edit, or redirect to a custom URL, the thank you page (subscription confirmation page). You can also edit or redirect your subscription error pages. This gives you full control over the appearance and content of these pages.

1. Log into your Fluttermail account. Click the Integration tab.

2. Click 'Edit this form'.


3. Click 'Form settings'.

Form Settings
4. Click the link 'Subscription confirmation page'.

Form Settings

5. Select your appropriate list from the 'Integration settings for list' drop-down menu.
Edit the existing page, or click the link 'Redirect to URL instead' to redirect to a URL at your own website.

List Integration

6. If you chose to redirect to a URL, enter the URL that you already set-up. Click the Save button.

Form Integration
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