Using Personalization Tags

With every email campaign you send, you have the option to completely customize the message content for each individual subscriber, as well as include subscriber-specific links.

Using Personalization Tags

When designing the text box of your email, click the “Personalize Message” option that appears in the upper right corner of the message editor.

This will open a window in the center of the screen with a list of options to personalize, including email address, full name, or subscription times.

Here you can choose what information you want to include in the message. For example, let’s say you click the “First Name” option. This will insert a tag into the message body. In this case, the tag is %FIRSTNAME%.

When you send this email to your subscribers, the tag will appear as the recipient’s first name. You can include personalization tags anywhere in your message body to be converted into their actual value when the campaign sends.

Creating New Personalization Tags

If you want to do something even more specific than name or subscription date, you can create your own personalization tags by adding  custom subscriber fields  when creating your subscription forms. Name your field and include a custom personalization tag. It can be anything you want, so long as it’s not currently in use by another tag. In this example, we created a personalization tag for birthdays with the name "Birthdate" and the personalization tag %BIRTHDAY%.

The new personalization tag can now be used anywhere in your email messages.


Test messages: Not all personalization tags will work when sending a test message. To test all tags, send a campaign to a test list (with your email included) and then you can see the output.

Cursor position: To make sure your personalization tag selection is positioned where you want it, first click into the message editor text area, and position the cursor exactly where you want the personalization tag to appear.

Setting a default value

You can set a default value for a personalization tag. This can be setup by clicking the "Lists" tab, then clicking the "Fields" button associated with your list. Then click "Options" next to the subscriber field for which you wish to set a default value. For example, you could set the default value for the "First name" field to "there". Then, you could begin emails with code like this:
If one of your subscribers doesn't have any value set for their "First name" field, an email sent to them will begin with "Hi there".

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