Subscriber Date-Based Campaign

Subscriber date-based campaigns are similar to auto responder campaigns, but instead of being automatically sent after a subscriber action like signing up for an email list, they are automatically sent when a certain date is matched. Regular auto responder campaigns are sent to each of your subscribers after they have been subscribed to your list for a certain amount of time, but a Subscriber Date-Based campaign will be sent to each subscriber either before, after, or on a certain date (which you define).

Here are some examples of date-based campaigns:
  • Sending “Happy Birthday” emails to each of your subscribers on their respective birthdays
  • Sending “Account Renewal” emails to warn a subscriber that their account/subscription with your company will soon expire
  • Sending a “One Year Anniversary” email to any subscriber who has been a member of your organization for one year

Creating a Date-Based Campaign

To start, create a new campaign as you usually would under the Campaigns tab. Select Subscriber Date-Based as the type of campaign, and name the campaign something you will easily remember.

Continue creating the email like you typically would by choosing which list this date-based campaign should be sent to and creating the content of the email. On the Summary page you will be asked which subscriber date field the campaign should be based on, what the format of the date should be in, and when the campaign should be sent to each subscriber.

Note: To send a message to each subscriber BEFORE a given date, choose “plus” from the offset drop-down menu. If you want to send a message to each subscriber AFTER the given date, choose “minus.” You can also choose “exactly” if you’d like to send someone a message ON their birthday, for example (on the exact date, not before or after).

When you finish configuring your subscriber date-based campaign settings on the Summary page, click Finish at the bottom of the page. This will not send out any messages instantly, but instead only on an individual basis depending on the date range specifications you selected.

Once a day, FlutterMail will “run” the campaign. When this occurs, the software will look through all your subscribers, find those subscribers who fit into the date range specifications you chose, and send the campaign to those subscribers only.

Managing Your Campaign

If you ever need to make changes to the campaign, view its report, or stop it from sending, you can click the Campaigns tab, search for it (or filter the list to show you only Subscriber Date-Based campaigns), and then click either Edit, Reports, or Disable next to the campaign. We also offer the option to Resend the campaign (this will allow you to create a new campaign based off it it, with the same settings), or delete the campaign entirely.

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