Inserting an Image

FlutterMail’s email campaign editor allows for a great amount of customization to be made to pre-existing templates. One way to customize these templates is to insert your own photo or image.

To do this, create an email as you typically would by selecting “Create campaign” on the FlutterMail dashboard. Or, navigate to the “Campaigns” tab and select the green “Create Campaign” button. Select the type of campaign you would like to launch, the list you would like it to be sent to, and choose a template. On the next screen you will be editing the content of the email - make sure you’re on the “Visual editor” tab.

Place your cursor in the area of the email you’d like to insert an image. Then, click the “Insert/Edit Image” icon in the toolbar.

You’ll be directed to the “Insert/Edit Image” dialog box. If the image you plan to use is hosted online, you can simply paste the source URL into the URL field and insert it this way. However, if it’s an image you have saved locally, click the “Browse” icon.

After clicking this icon, you’ll be directed to another dialog box, the Moxiecode Image Manager. Here, you’ll want to select the “Upload” icon.

Select “Choose files” to locate the desired image on your hard drive. Then choose “Upload to server.”

The image will now appear in the main root of the Moxiecode Image Manager. Click the image, and you will be brought back to the “Insert/Edit Image” dialog box. Here, you can click on the “Appearance” tab to edit the size of the photo, its alignment, border, and other elements. Also be sure to type in an image description under the “General” tab. This ensures that those reading the email with images turned off or as plain text will be able to see something in this field. When you have everything as desired, click “Insert.”

After the image is placed, you can edit it at any time by right-clicking it and selecting “Insert/Edit Image.” This will bring you back to the “Insert/Edit Image” dialog box. To remove an image, select it and simply hit “Delete.”

If you wish to embed images in your email (this is not generally recommended) you can click the 'paperclip' icon next to the subject of your email (on the email composition page), and then select 'I want to embed images in my message'.
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