Importing Subscribers

If you already have a large list of email addresses compiled, completing an import is a much more efficient option compared to entering them in one by one. Not only is this faster, but it also makes designating which lists, statuses and other options get applied to the imported subscribers easier.

Click on the “Subscribers” tab and select the green “Import Subscribers” button to be directed to the import screen:

Depending on your list size, there are three different options available. If you have 100 or fewer addresses, Copy/Paste is a fast way to get them all loaded quickly. Larger lists should be imported via a .csv or .txt file. Or, FlutterMail has the capability to import existing lists from external services:

Each external source also has special login instructions in order to properly connect FlutterMail to your external account.

“Advanced Importing Options” allows for further customization of the addresses you are bringing into FlutterMail.

Each selection from the drop down menu serves a different purpose:
  • Import As Active Subscriber: Import subscribers as active if they have consented to receiving email from you. Whenever you import a list of subscribers as active, the system will automatically detect duplicate records, unsubscribed and bounced addresses and not import them.
  • Import As Unsubscribed Subscriber or Import As Excluded Email Address: Imports subscribers as unsubscribed or excluded. Addresses under these categories will not receive correspondence from you. If you import a subscriber as unsubscribed, they will be added to your list as unsubscribed and will not be overwritten as an active subscriber if you attempt to upload another subscriber list containing the same email address. If you import a subscriber as excluded the system will run a check for the list that contains the excluded email to ensure that the subscriber record that has been excluded does not receive a mailing.
And checking any of the boxes below will also customize your list further:
  • Update existing subscribers while importing: By checking this box, any subscribers in this import process that are already present in the system will be updated with any new subscriber information that is found during the import process. If you have new information for your subscribers and wish to do a mass update rather than edit their information individually, select this option. If this box is not checked, those subscribers will be skipped during the import and their subscriber details will not be updated.
  • Send the last sent campaign to each new subscriber when importing: When this option is checked the last campaign you sent will be sent to each subscriber as they are imported.
The final step involves matching the information from your outsourced list to the correct field within FlutterMail.

If you don’t see an option in the drop down menu you’re looking for, you can also create your own “Custom Subscriber Field.” It’s also possible to omit sections once your list has been imported - simply select “Do Not Import This Field.”
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