Subscriber Batch Actions

Batch actions are best to use If you need to perform a mass action for a subset of subscribers on a certain mailing list but don’t have the time to edit each subscriber individually. This action can be found under the “Subscribers” tab on the right side beneath “Advanced Options.”

There are three different kinds of batch actions available and can be applied to however many lists you choose. The three actions include:
  • Remove a select list of addresses
  • Remove all non-confirmed subscribers
  • Remove all subscribers

It’s extremely important to note that all actions performed as a batch action cannot be undone - so please use caution when utilizing this feature! The batch actions will completely remove the users you designate from the system and from subscribed lists, and will be gone forever after clicking “delete.”

Remove a select list of addresses

If there are specific email addresses you wish to remove, enter them into the text field beneath the “Remove a select list of addresses” heading. You should only list one email address per line. Make sure you have the correct list checked at the top of the page under the “Perform action in these lists” heading.

Double check to make sure you have the correct addresses listed in the text box before clicking “Delete addresses listed in above text box.” After clicking, they will be wiped from the subscriber list and from the system entirely.

Remove all non-confirmed subscribers from these lists

This function allows you to remove subscribers who began to sign up for your emails, but never fully completely the double opt-in process. As before, make sure you have the correct list selected at the top of the page before proceeding.

The date in the “All subscribers who subscribed (but did not confirm their subscription) before:” field will always default to 15 days prior to today’s date, but you can select whichever date you find appropriate. As before, when you select “Delete all non-confirmed subscribers” all addresses affected will be permanently deleted from the subscriber list and the database.

Remove all subscribers from these lists

This option will remove ALL addresses from a selected list. Use this action with caution to avoid losing massive amounts of data.

To complete this action, select the list or lists you would like to remove subscribers from and click “Delete all subscribers from these lists.” Again, this function is permanent so be sure you have the correct lists checked before clicking this option.
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