Fluttermail Integration with Instapage

This guide shows how to integrate an Instapage account with your Fluttermail account.

1. Log in to your Fluttermail account. Go to Integration -> Hover over the respective form and click "Integrate with your site".

Fluttermail ClickFunnels Integration

2. Copy the Embeddable HTML code, as it will be needed to integrate with Instapage.

Fluttermail ClickFunnels Integration

3. Log in to your Instapage account.
For the purposes of this guide, we'll assume that you have already created your Opt-in and Thank you pages within Instapage, and that you have the URLs of these pages.

4. Click the Edit button of your Opt-in page.

5. Click the Add New button in the top menu bar.

Fluttermail and Instapage Integration

6. Click the HTML Element Button which will generate a preset HTML block.

Fluttermail and Instapage Integration

7. Place the HTML block at the desired location of your Opt-in page and click the Edit button.

Fluttermail and Instapage Integration

Paste the Embeddable HTML code, from Step 2 above, into the HTML block. You may change the style of the form according to your requirements.

Fluttermail and Instapage Integration

9. Click the Publish button to save your changes.

10 Go back to your Fluttermail account and follow the instructions here for how to edit your Thank you Page (Subscription Confirmation Page). Paste the URL of your Instapage Thank you page into the  "Subscription completed confirmation" field.

11. If you are using a 
double opt-in form  within Fluttermail, you should additionally create a new page in Instapage , which will be the page that your new subscribers see immediately after they signup (telling them to check their email to confirm their subscription). Then, paste the URL of that Instapage page into the Fluttermail "Opt-in has been sent confirmation" field.

12. Save the changes.
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