Subscriber Fields

FlutterMail forms automatically obtain data for names and email addresses, but additional information like birth dates or location can be extremely useful in email campaigns. You have the ability to edit subscriber fields to select exactly which information you’d like to collect for your mailing lists, and how to display those fields.

To edit subscriber fields, navigate to the lists tab and select “Subscriber Fields” under “List Settings” on the right side.

Once on the Subscriber Fields page, you will see several different options available for editing or viewing. The “List Filter” drop down allows you to select which specific list you’d like to edit the subscriber fields for. “Edit” allows you to edit existing subscriber fields. And “Add Field” allows you to select the type of field you’d like to add and edit it as necessary.

Adding fields allows for a very large amount of customization. Before clicking “Add Field,” be sure to select whether you’d like to add a text field, text box, checkbox, radio button, dropdown, hidden field, list box, checkbox group, or date field from the dropdown menu.

Each type of field is then further customizable after selecting “Add Field.” Every type includes these fields as an editable option:
  • Field name: This is the label indicating what information is being collected and will appear to those filling out the form.
  • Default value/Field Values: Depending on the type of subscriber field you’re  creating, this value could either be text that automatically appears when people are filling out the form; whether a checkbox is automatically checked or unchecked; or which radio button, dropdown selection, date, or checkbox from a group is automatically selected.
  • Bubble content: Text placed in the bubble content field will appear to those filling out the form when they click within the field they’re filling out.
  • Required?: Checking this box forces those filling out the form to provide information in the field before clicking “Submit.”
  • Label justification: This edits whether the label for the field will appear above or next to the field itself (“Top” or “Left”).
  • For use in: Select which list’s form you would like this subscriber field to appear on. To select more than one list, hold down the control button. Choose “All” under this field if you’d like to select all.
  • Show on subscriber listing page?: Checking this box will have the subscriber field you’re creating show up when you view the list under the “Subscribers” tab.
  • Personalization tag: You can use these tags to further personalize emails. For example, if the data you’re collecting in this custom subscriber field is birth dates, you could create custom tag %PERS_BIRTHDAY% in this field and then use it when creating email campaigns. The email will then automatically display that specific subscriber’s birthday. If you leave this field blank, a personalization tag will be automatically generated for you.

For the “Text box” subscriber field, you’ll also have to enter how many columns and rows you would like to appear within the text box.

When all of the fields are set up to your specifications in this new subscriber field, click “Create” and the field will begin appearing on your email sign up form.

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