Building Your Subscriber List

The quality of your email content won’t matter if you don’t have a list of subscribers to send it to. And just as quality is important for the content of your campaigns, you should have a quality list of subscribers as well - and more does not mean better. There’s a number of ways to build your subscriber list so that you’re reaching the people who give you the highest open and click rates and a low rate of complaint or unsubscription.


Having an attractive website is one of the best ways to wrangle in new subscribers to your email newsletter. By providing excellent content up front, readers will realize that by subscribing to your newsletters they’ll be signing up for more of the same. Put some of your best articles on your site and make sure to have the link to your subscription form in an easy-to-find place. Also make sure you’re clear on your subscription form what people will be getting if they choose to opt-in – how often they’ll receive emails, what kind of content they’ll be getting, and why the newsletter would be valuable to them.


While the virtual world does tend to permeate every aspect of business these days, there is still a large amount of value in face-to-face interaction. When you attend events like trade shows, conventions, or mixers, have a sign-up sheet for your booth, or have a laptop set up with your subscription form set as the home screen. 


Having your message forwarded should be your ultimate goal with every email you send out, because it’s the most powerful method of marketing. By a recipient choosing to forward a message to a friend, they’re affirming the content is powerful or useful enough to share, and they’re sharing it with someone they believe would also be highly interested in it. You can add a personalization tag to your email to make it easy for recipients to forward your messages along.

Social Networking

Facebook and Twitter are two of the top ten websites in the world, and should therefore be a part of every email marketing campaign. Links can be added to every email, similar to the way the “Forwarding” link is added, and allow subscribers to share with their friends the great email they just received. The more shares or likes your message gets, the more likely you are to gain more interested subscribers.

More questions?

Creating a solid list of quality subscribers may take time, but it will be worth it in the long run. While it might seem appealing to cut every corner in order to have the biggest list possible, if you have a smaller list with dedicated readers you’re more likely to see a return on investment than if you mass-mailed thousands of addresses that had never heard of your brand before. For more information about lists and subscribers, or any other feature FlutterMail has to offer, contact our support department and we will be happy to assist you!
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