List Segments

In FlutterMail, you can create and maintain multiple lists of subscribers. However, many people wish to further divide their lists into subgroups or categories. This is called list segmenting. List segmenting allows you to send specific, targeted campaigns to small groups of subscribers based on certain data like geographical location, gender, or interests. By allowing users to send to specific segments of their market, we are able to provide an even more powerful marketing tool.

Creating a Segment

To create a list segment in FlutterMail, go to the Lists tab and click the Automations button of the respective list. On the right side, click the List Segments under the List Settings.

Fluttermail List Segments

Once you are on the List Segments page, click “Add” to add a new segment. You will be asked to choose which list or lists the segment should applied to, and you will also be asked to name the segment.

Match Type

The “Match Type” option gives you two conditions to apply to your segment: Subscribers who match ALL of the following groups, or subscribers who match ANY of the following groups. A segment can be composed of multiple groups of conditions, and it is up to you if you want subscribers who meet at least one of these conditions to be a part of the segment, or if you want only subscribers who meet every condition to be part of the segment.

Groups and Conditions

By default, your segment will have one group. Groups can contain one or more conditions, and you can decide whether conditions should be met for a group to be matched, or if only one of the conditions needs to be met for a group to be matched. Your groups and conditions can be as simple or complex as you need.

Conditions can be based on default subscriber fields (name, subscription date, etc.), custom fields that you have added (zip code, interests, etc.), or actions that a subscriber has taken in the past (opening a specific campaign, clicking a specific link, etc.).

Click “Add another condition” to add multiple conditions to your group, and click the red “X” to the right to remove conditions. Similarly, you can click “Add another group of conditions” to add multiple groups.

Click “Add” on the bottom of the page when you are finished adding groups and conditions to save your segment.

Once you have saved your segment, you will be brought back to the main List Segments page where you can edit your segment or view its matching subscribers.
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