How to Import Subscribers from FreshBooks

If you already have a FreshBooks account you may want to import your contacts from this invoicing service into Fluttermail. To begin with, go to your Fluttermail dashboard and click on 'Import Subscribers'.



You will be taken to a new page. Simply choose 'An External Service' from the 'Import From' list and then click on the FreshBooks icon. When you scroll down the page you'll need to authorize Fluttermail to import contacts from FreshBooks and you also need to choose which list those contacts will end up in.

The following page is now visible and you just need to click 'Allow Access'. If you are not already logged in to FreshBooks, you will be asked to provide your username and password.

 You will be taken back to the previous page. Make sure you have the correct box ticked in the 'Import Into' list and then click 'Next'.

If you want to import a specific contact you can type their data into the Import Filter form. However, if you want to import all of your FreshBooks contacts leave the fields blanks and click 'Continue'.

Fluttermail will import your contacts from FreshBooks. Now you have to map the data fields. This just means that you choose what data you want to import into your list. Choose the data on this page from the drop-down menus.

At the bottom of the page click 'Import Now'.

Fluttermail has finished importing your FreshBooks contacts into your Subscribers list.

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