Integration with ConnectLeads

In this article we will define the step by step process through which you can connect / integrate ConnectLeads with Fluttermail Autoresponder. This guide assume that you already have created your Lead Ad in Facebook.

Step 1 - Setup List on Fluttermail

Note - If you already have setup your list in Fluttermail, you can skip to next step "Integrate ConnectLeads with Facebook & Fluttermail".

The first step starts with Fluttermail where you will be creating and defining your list.

A list is any group of people / leads that you want to segment or keep separate from your overall email list. Such as you can create separate list for people that downloaded your E-Book from people that sign up for Trial version of your product.  

To start creating a list on Fluttermail, login to your Fluttermail dashboard and select Lists from top menu. When inside, click " Add New List" at the bottom of Fluttermail will now guide you through a simple process to setup your list.


Step 2 - Integrate ConnectLeads with Facebook & Fluttermail

Now as your Fluttermail List has been setup, you will now need to integrate ConnectLeads with Facebook and Fluttermail. This integration will enable ConnectLeads to pull leads from Facebook and adding it to the Fluttermail list. Once integrated, a lead that signs up on Facebook Lead Ad will be stored in Fluttermail instantly via ConnectLeads.

(a) Connecting Facebook

Connecting ConnectLeads with Facebook is important as it will enable in pulling leads from Facebook Lead Ad. Simply go to Settings >  General > and once inside, click " Connect with Facebook" and after authorization click Save.

If you are using multiple accounts make sure that you select only account that administers the Facebook Pages you want to create lead ads for.


(b) Connect Fluttermail

After the successful connection of ConnectLeads with Facebook, you will have to connect Fluttermail with ConnectLeads.

Within the ConnectLeads Dashboard, Go to " Settings" in the menu on left and click " Manage Autoresponders" and once inside click " Add New Autoresponder"


This will take you to a page where you can add autoresponder. From the drop down menu select Fluttermail and give your autoresponder any name. This can be either the autoresponder name (Fluttermail in this case) or any name you want to keep (Such as E-Book Sign Up Autoresponder).

ConnectLeads requires the Fluttermail API URL and the API Key. This will authenticate ConnectLeads can access and copy data on Fluttermail.

You can find your API URL and Key in your Fluttermail account, by clicking  " Account > Your Settings" from the top right. When on the settings page, scroll down to the middle of page and you will find your API URL and API Key.

Copy/Paste this URL and Key into the Autoresponder Adding menu on ConnectLeads and click save.


Step 3- Using Fluttermail in ConnectLeads

Now as all your integration steps are complete, you will now have to setup ConnectLeads with Fluttermail.

This is the part where you will be defining how you would like to copy/transfer lead from Facebook to Fluttermail.

Similar to Facebook Lead Form and Fluttermail Form, you will also need to create a form on ConnectLeads. This form will reference the Facebook Lead Ad Form with the form on your list in Fluttermail.

Also, at this point you will specify the list in Fluttermail where you want all your leads to be stored via Facebook Lead Form.

To start off got to Dashboard > ConnectLeads > and click " New Lead Form".

1.    On the first step select the Facebook Page you are connecting with followed by the name of lead form on that page . Once done, click continue.


Note- The option "Automatically create a Facebook Custom Audience" is for ConnectAudience users only. Selecting this feature will enable in automatically creating a custom Facebook audience based on the interactions on this list.

2. Now go to step 2 and from here select the autoresponder (Fluttermail) from the list. Once selected ConnectLeads will ask you to provide the name of the list you will be using for lead ads.


3. At the third step, you can specify any additional fields you want to capture. However, to get this working, make sure you already have created custom fields on Facebook Lead Ads form and Fluttermail.

3a ) Adding Custom Field in Facebook

Note - If you already have setup custom field in Facebook, you can skip this step.

In case you want to collect more/other data than just the "Name" and "email address", please do the following while creating up your Lead Form at Facebook.

At the first step, click on " Show Advanced Options" and enable " Customize field IDs":

In the next step you can select the fields you want to collect. At the following step you'll need to do one of two things:

1) Note down the * exact* fields that Facebook shows (these should be a 100% exact match, including underscore etc)


2) Overwrite the field name that Facebook shows by entering the another word. Once again, keep an 100% exact copy of that text.

Please note that in case you don't have the * exact* field names, the integration will not work. Please do double check that.


  3b) Adding Custom Field in Fluttermail

If you have Custom fields on your Facebook Lead Form, you can add them in the Fluttermail Form at the form creation process. However, you can also  add them by editing the form you have created in your list.

Go to Dashboard > Your List > Forms > and when inside the form menu, click " Edit Form".

On the form editor page you can drag and drop any available fields or you can create your own too.

If you have already added any custom field on that list (on Facebook Lead Ad), you can see and select them here.


 Select all the fields you want to add and correspond the exact field names as they have in Fluttermail.

Once you have added all the fields save the lead form.

Now at this point, the entire integration and setup process for Fluttermail, Facebook Lead Form, and ConnectLeads is completed.

So now whenever a lead signups on Facebook Lead ad form, ConnectLeads will instantly pull the lead data and feed it into your list on Fluttermail.
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