Integration with Elegant's Bloom WordPress Plugin

This guide shows how to integrate with Elegant's Bloom WordPress Plugin with your Fluttermail account. We assume that you have already installed and enabled the Bloom Plugin in your WordPress application. More information on installation and settings of Bloom Plugin is available here.

1. Log in to your Fluttermail account. If you haven't already done so, go to the "Integration" tab and create a new form for your desired list with the required fields that you want to request.

2. Once you have created the form, h over over the respective form and click "Integrate with your site".


3. Copy the HTML code under Embeddable HTML .


4. Log in to your WordPress website as Admin. Go to the Bloom tab and click the NEW OPTIN button.

Fluttermail - WordPress Bloom Plugin Integration

5. Select your desired Opt-in from the available Opt-in types.

Fluttermail - WordPress Bloom Plugin Integration

6. Enter the Opt-in name into the OPTIN NAME field. Select the Custom HTML Form from the Select Email Provider drop-down menu under the FORM INTEGRATION section.

Fluttermail - WordPress Bloom Plugin Integration

7. Paste the HTML Code that you have copied at Step-3 into the box. Click the SAVE & EXIT button.

8. You may make further customization and settings at DESIGN & DISPLAY SETTINGS tab of your Opt-in form.

9. If you want to customize your thank you page in Fluttermail, follow the instructions here.
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