Updating the Mailing Address of your List

This guide shows how to add or edit a mailing/postal address, which can then be placed in your email campaigns.

1. Log in to your Fluttermail account.

2. Go to Lists -> Options -> List Name & Address.

Update Mailing Address

3. From the Sender Address drop-down menu, either select your existing address that you wish to change, or choose  Add New Address to add a new address.

Update Mailing Address

4. Make the changes to your address and click the Save List button.

NOTE: This mailing address can be added into your newsletters using two Personalization Tags:

%SENDER-INFO% (Mailing address will be displayed in multiple lines)
%SENDER-INFO-SINGLELINE% (Mailing address will be displayed in a single line)

Please also be aware that it is a requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act that all marketing emails contain a valid mailing address.
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